Areas of Treatment

  • Trauma

    Injuries to the face, head, and neck can range from lacerations (cuts), broken teeth, to broken bones. With the exception of eyes and the brain, all areas are treated in the practice. Treatment can be from closure of the lacerations, to setting the broken bones, to moving other pieces of tissue to repair the defects. […]

  • Benign Pathology

    Odontogenic tumors of the jaws Non-odontogenic tumors of the jaws Salivary gland tumors Mucoceles Mucosal abnormalities of the oral cavity and oropharynx Osteoradionecrosis Osteonecrosis of the jaws Fibrosseous lesions Salivary stones Oral-antral fistulas

  • Malignant Pathology

    Oral Cancer Cancer of the salivary glands Pharyngeal cancer Skin cancer of the head and neck

  • Infections

    Odontogenic Non-odontogenic

  • Reconstructive

    Maxillary, mandibular, zygomatic osteotomies Facial reconstruction Obstructive Sleep apnea Temporomandibular Joint

  • Aesthetic Surgery

    Nasal deformities Jaw deformities Chin deformities Facial soft tissue deformities Eyelid deformities External ear deformities Scars Skin wrinkles

  • Dentoalveolar Surgery

    Extraction of impacted teeth Pre-prosthetic surgery